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Why should I study abroad?

Living and studying abroad will prepare you for life in ways that no other experience can. This isn’t just a trip to a foreign country—it’s a life enriching experience that will help you learn about yourself and the world we live in.

How long will it take to complete my Full Application?

ASPIREVIA ltd recommends that you give yourself 2-3 weeks to complete your full application including applying for your visa, but it’s really up to you how quickly the application can be finished. We have received applications in less than 48 hours from students responding to an application deadline.

Can I be credited for my previous university study and use it abroad?

In most cases yes. The amount and type of credit you receive is determined by your programme and university in your own country. Be sure to keep a copy of any formal grades or transcripts you receive from your previous university. At ASPIREVIA we will do our best for you to be credited as much as you can.

What types of living accommodations are available?

The options range from apartments, to residential halls, to home stays with families. ASPIREVIA makes sure our students will be provided will be with the best option available for them.

Can I study abroad if I haven’t declared my major yet?

Yes. A variety of University degrees are offered within most study abroad programs. You can study literally any subject you like as you will be given a foundation programme before you commence your study in the field depending on your background.

How do I apply to study abroad?

Once you have either though of studying abroad or need advice contact ASPIREVIA, for an appointment or contact us through our contact information.


There are language schools, institutions, universities and colleges you can learn English at. The start time varies from institution to institution. The times we recommend is Either September or January. The private language schools start their teaching every Monday but University language programmes are not as flexible as the private language school. Please contact our office to have more information about the start dates.

How far in advance should I apply for studying abroad?

You should really apply about one and a half month before you commence your study so we can arrange the right accommodation and take the visa on time for you.

How many students are there in classrooms at the language schools?

This varies from institution to institution but the average is 8-12 people in each classroom.

I will be studying 6 months abroad if this period not enough Can I extend my course?

Of course you can all you need to do is let us know and we will take care of your request.

Are there going to be any other people from my Country at the institution that I will be studying at?

The institutions limits the number of students they can take from the same country but yes there is a possibility of this. If you choose to stay at a host family and the host family takes more than one student the other student will not be from the same country as our student.

Are there any boundaries or rules of me studying a university degree abroad?

No there are not. As long as you have finished high school in your country we can sort out the rest for you and organize everything.

What Kind of documents do I need to provide when applying for university degree?

  • High school degree ( original and translation)
  • Passport front page
  • Your address in your country and phone number
  • CV (if possible)


If you are applying to be credited for your previous study you must also provide a certified transcript from your previous university.

Why should I apply through ASPIREVIA?

There is a not a price difference in applying for a language school or University degree through Aspirevia all of our services are free of charge. You will benefit from our free consultancy given by our experienced staff before you commence your study and throughout your study experience while in the country you are. We will give you support while you are studying as much as we did when we first meet you.

What is the cost of studying abroad?

The best way to give you an estimate is meeting in person because depending on what you are going to study and where the cost changes. If you would like us to give you a rough quote please email us which country you would like to study and give us as much as detail you can.

I still don't see the answer to my question.

Can’t find the answer to your question? We’re happy to help. You can ask us in all sorts of of ways.Email us at info@aspirevia.com and we’ll get back to you in the earliest time possible.

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